Cora Coffee Roasters is a scrappy, small-batch
coffee roaster in love with drizzly Pacific Northwest days
and the simple pleasure of a great cup of coffee. 

Our mission is simple: we want to find great coffees and roast them for our friends and neighbors in Tacoma. You can find usat the Proctor Farmers Market on Saturdays from 9 AM to 2 PM. We also partner with Tacoma businesses who want to serve high quality coffee. To find out more about our wholesale options, click here.

The very beginning of the seed of Cora Coffee Roasters was planted in 2011, when Tara was living in Guatemala and working with coffee farmers in a specialty coffee nursery. The idea was nourished by spending several years in the specialty coffee industry and drinking hundreds and hundreds of cups of great coffee grown all over the world.  Eventually, Tara bought a small home roaster in order to dig even deeper into what makes a cup of coffee great.

Home roasting eventually turned coffee-fueled Saturday afternoons putting  dreams of coffee roasting on paper and, eventually, the decision to leap into small business ownership.  Even though it was scary. Because it was scary. Cora Coffee was born. She was inspired by the strong women in her family and on the mountain, and named the company after her maternal grandmother Cora Ellen Brown. 


The best part of our job is finding great coffees to share with you.

Our Glowing Lights Blend is our signature coffee blend, designed to be warm and comforting in the morning so that you can be brave the rest of the day. This blend features coffees from Guatemala and Brazil, and is roasted slowly to be a smooth and sweet medium roast. Click on a product above to purchase.