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cora coffee

be brave


Cora Coffee is a scrappy, small-batch
coffee roaster in love with drizzly Pacific Northwest days
and the simple pleasure of a great cup of coffee. 


We believe that coffee is powerful: it can help a farmer in Guatemala put her daughter through school and help a teacher in Tacoma do his best to help his students learn.  Coffee can be a simple pleasure to share with friends, or something comforting to hold onto when you have to do something that scares you. Our mission is simple: we want to find great coffees and roast them for our friends and neighbors in Tacoma.


The name CORA comes from COR, the Latin word for heart. So does the word COURAGE.


The very beginning of the seed of Cora Coffee was planted in 2011, when Tara was living in Guatemala and working with coffee farmers in a specialty coffee nursery. The idea was nourished by spending several years in the specialty coffee industry and drinking hundreds and hundreds of cups of great coffee grown all over the world.  Eventually, Tara bought a small home roaster in order to dig even deeper into what makes a cup of coffee great. On Saturday afternoons, Tara would share the coffees she roasted with Anton, a friend from college she reconnected with while working together in a warehouse.

Anton’s first experience with coffee (the beverage) was drinking super dark Turkish coffee brewed by his Ukrainian mother. His first experience with coffee (the plant) was on a biology-focused study abroad program in East Africa. Not long after, Anton shared a wildlife research hut with a retired  forester.  The forester granted himself one luxury: a cheap manual coffee grinder, which enabled his coffee custom each frigid winter morning by candlelight. Anton finally fell in love with the ritual and flavor of coffee during early mornings outside a ridge-top fire lookout as a wilderness ranger in North Cascades National Park.

Saturday afternoon conversations between friends quickly evolved into coffee-fueled Saturday afternoons putting  dreams of coffee roasting on paper and, eventually, the decision to leap into small business ownership. Even though it scared us. Because it scared us. Cora Coffee was born.


Cora Coffee: Be Brave. 

the best way to get in touch is by email


you can also give us a call on our cell

503 881 7178 (Tara)
406 273 1748 (Anton)

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A fantastic and also special lifestyle awaits you.

Here are our favorites right now. 

>Parc Botanniaa good buy!!

>The Tre Ver Best Price


medium roast. good body. chocolate and citrus. 

The Glowing Lights Blend is our signature coffee blend -- designed to be warm and comforting in the morning so that you can be brave the rest of the day. This is the very first run of our Glowing Lights Blend, and it contains single-origin coffees from Colombia, Mexico, and Burundi. The coffees from Colombia and Mexico provide good body and a chocolate sweetness, and the Burundi adds a splash of citrus. 


Our test batch of Glowing Lights Blend, which we made available to friends and family, is SOLD OUT. We'll be launching our full store on February 22nd, and will have coffee available continuously after that. 

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