Gratitude / How You Can Help

Anton and I have been thinking a lot lately about all of the incredible support we've gotten from our friends and family, and how much harder this would be without people's surprising and incredible generosity (brief shout out to: our families, Zach, Bob, Jeff, Margo & the Runaways for the big and small ways you've already made Cora Coffee stronger). 

We've also had a lot of people say "I want to help you -- let me know what I can do!" Here are some ways you can help us grow:

1. Follow us on whichever social media platforms you use. We're on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@coracoffee).  You can keep up to date with what we're doing, and social media followers make it easier for people to find us on Google. 

2. Tell us what you think. Are you having trouble with the website? Would you rather buy coffee in a 12 oz bag instead of a full pound? How does the coffee taste?  This is a learning experience for both of us, and so your feedback is incredible important to us. The best way to get in touch is by email: coracoffeeroasters at gmail dot com

3. Subscribe to receive Cora Coffee automatically. You'll never run out of coffee, and we'll occasionally send you special coffees or other neat stuff. 

4. Tell your friends where to find us. We don't have enough money to place billboards everywhere announcing our existence, so in order for people to find us we need your help.